#2019 Berlin Conference - 20th September 2019

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#Afrolynk In Brief


Transforming entrepreneurs’ and startups’ ideas into innovative businesses and support in building minimum viable products (MVP) or prototypes that are investible. Training, supporting and promoting others with ready solutions to enter new markets.Workshops & Mentoring. Read more


Connecting European and the African startup ecosystems to network, showcase and share knowledge within the startup scene and bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, hubs, accelerators, policy makers, and VCs. Premium Annual International Conference  Read more


Disrupting and accelerating startups with newer scaling opportunities and disruptive technologies to grow faster. Together with our partners’ networks and close ecosystem, startups may have access to technical support, infrastructure support and solution. Accelerating Fund – EEP Read more


2018 Premium Conference

Check out the Programs offered in 2018 Afrolynk 2018 Program

Focus on - Empowerment and Innovation Inclusion, Investor Readiness & New Markets, Employment and Skill Development, Future of Technology (Cloud/IOT/Drones/VR/AR/Blockchain etc)

Emphasis on 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Highlight and Showcase of Inspiring and Impactful milestones within the startup ecosystem

Sharing and Challenging mindsets for greatness from Key stakeholders

Demonstrations, illustrations and exhibitions to investors and potential partners

Pitching opportunities, Exhibition stands, and 1-on-1 with Investors & Potential Partners

A workshop together with key stakeholders, plus other exciting Business and Investor Readiness Workshops

Check out what we had to offer at the last event Find out more


In Collaboration With Key Partners

BMZ -AfDB Workshop

Closed working group together with key stakeholders to develop a concrete and tangible framework for a special purpose financing vehicle that the AfDB can use to support innovators and entrepreneurs for the greater development of Africa.

Business Development Workshop

Capacity Building for selected Entrepreneurs from Africa and Europe.

MAKE-IT HAPPEN : Startup Night

Opportunities for startups with focus on working towards the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals to pitch to investors and the general audience during a pitching contest.

Networking & After-Party

Startup-fusion of business relaxation for everyone to network, relax and enjoy the end of an energizing day.


Projects & Programs

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