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Transforming entrepreneurs and startups ideas into innovative businesses and support in building capacity and minimum viable products (MVP).

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[ut_service_icon_box color=”#CCC” hovercolor=”#FF6E00″ icon=”fa-cubes” headline=”Capacity Building” width=”third”] Application development, Product pre & prototyping, idea generation and solution development [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#CCC” hovercolor=”#FF6E00″ icon=”fa-cogs” headline=”Projects & Activities” width=”third”] Workshops, Training, Peer to peer knowledge sharing, collaborative concept development and configuration. [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#CCC” hovercolor=”#FF6E00″ icon=”fa-users” headline=”Mentoring & Coaching” width=”third” last=”true”] Value creation, business development and support, expect advice, links to valuable networks and access to new/existing markets. [/ut_service_icon_box]

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[ut_rotate_words] Dedicated Mentors, Expert Coaches, Business Advisors, Inspirational Innovators [/ut_rotate_words]

The mentor network is made up of successful entrepreneurs and professionals who are experienced in their fields of endeavour. Mentors support startups by periodically, by interacting with them to understand their challenges and supporting them to acquire the necessary assistance needed through their networks. It has always been possible as we closely with Mentoring networks and oganizations such us, Afrika-Verien and Endeavor

Passion leads to desire, desire leads to performance, performance leads to success!
Afroylnk – Mentoring Network

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Develop 4 Impact

[ut_dropcap style=”one”] A [/ut_dropcap] frolynk together with ABAWT – A Better Africa with technology is continuously bringing together amazing, smart and talented software and hardware developers accorss Africa to build Develop 4 Impact communities around Africa together with our local partners in various countries in Africa and Europe.

This initiative offer developers the opportunity to intern and work with local and international companies. It provides start-ups in Africa and Europe access to inaccessible talents in Africa.


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dedicated support forum

Platform where entrepreneurs from different countries meet to share ideas and collaborate on different projects. This support the facilitation of internationalization of startups through locally known entrepreneurs in a cost – effective way.

Start-ups partner with local entrepreneurs to use their existing structures and networks to access the local market..

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It has never been fun sharing your knowledge and gaining much insights at the same time.
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