Johanna Roegele


Digital Health, e-Health, m-Health, Public Health Emergency Management, Last Mile Logistics, Health Delivery, Public Health Research, Data Infrastructure, Health Information Systems, Enterprise Architecture Design, Disease Surveillance, Laboratory and Diagnostics, Nutrition and Food Security, Software Development, UI/UX Design

eHealth Africa builds stronger health systems through the design and implementation of data-driven solutions that respond to local needs and provide underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives. We establish new standards in health delivery, emergency preparedness, and outbreak response through the integration of technology and last-mile logistics. Our solutions and tools are designed in proximity to the environment in which they are needed to ensure effectiveness and help close the gap between design and use. Johanna is the Managing Director of eHA’s European Office in Berlin that functions as service provider and innovation hub to ensure high-quality software as a key component in eHA’s work across Africa. We actively engage with partners and investors worldwide to foster thought leadership around e/mHealth solutions, supply chain for hard-to-reach places, and the provision of high-quality primary healthcare.