Lindy Mkhize


Business strategic planning and development

Lindy Mkhize is a Business Strategist and Coach with over 20 years of experience in consulting and providing solutions to create opportunities for personal and business growth, sustainability and subsequent profit or surplus. She is an independent consultant and a founder of Amoureux Strategic Transformation Advisory Services. Her experience as both a mentor and a coach to national and international corporate and organizations has enhanced my innate ability and skills of empathy, tenacity and deep understanding of needs to empower my clients, stakeholders and colleagues including teams. Her Academic studies including MBA has enabled her to apply strategic and futuristic thinking to grow brands and products through thorough understanding of unique features and strategic objectives of individuals and companies so as to identify commercial and industry need they solve so as to design strategic plans, edgy tactics and appropriate activities that create brand visibility, awareness, recognition and strategic fit to the target market. As an advisory team, we also assist clients, service providers and market create opportunities and platform to network for mutual value and advantage.